Ramrod Bentle - Cannibal for Hire

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Ramrod Bentle was born in Cormyr on Toril. He grew up in a large house with 11 "siblings". While Ramrod was still young, his father was taken away in the middle of the night by unknown men.  His stepmother had been using her “child army” to strong-arm neighbors for food and protection. Killing became an option much too early in Ramrod’s life. Then one day, everything changed. Ramrod’s stepmother died from falling off a running horse.

Ramrod committed many crimes and became a cannibal in order to survive until he tried to attack an old man in robes.  The old man was Kryax Flegan, an Enchanter. Kryax charmed him, although Ramrod resisted the spell for a moment. After the spell faded, Kryax offered to hire him as a bodyguard for a small wage.  Ramrod replied that he would accept if Kryax also offered unlimited radishes for life. Kryax agreed.

Ramrod and Kryax then team up with Thanos Blackhorn, an elven ranger, to hunt for lost treasure. After a couple of years, the team found a Spacejammer and journeyed into Realmspace. The team encountered the Batship, and Ramrod gleefully began to fight. At the end of the battle, a spell was cast by a powerful mage that sent everyone to an alternate Prime Material Plane.

Ramrod and Kryax wake up in a new land and take over the first village they see. After years of working for Kryax, Ramrod is sent flying through a timeless dimension after a climactic fight between Thanos and a mysterious young druid. Hundreds of years later Ramrod falls out of the dimension and lands in a new location (DM’s choice).