Randal Cassalanter - A Second Chance

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Editor's Note: Special thanks to @VALiant573 for creating the name Craennfaeyth (Krahn-Fai-th) - an elvish-tinted word combination of the Irish phonetics for Tree and Vein).

Randal was born into the house of the noble family of Cassalanter in Waterdeep. Caladorn Cassalanter is his uncle. Being from an old and storied family, Randal grew up in a mansion and spent most of his childhood alone.

A Deva named Mykiel heard his silent cries in the middle of the night. Mykiel began visiting Randal in his dreams and revealed that Randal had Celestial ancestry. Sometimes in his thoughts, deeds of champions and heroes would be recounted to Randal. The dreams began to stir a love for story and song in Randal’s heart. However, that very same heart was icy and selfish and privileged.

Randal attended the College of New Olamn in his studies to become a bard. Nature was his muse, and the untamed wilderness is where Randal felt the freest, unlike when he was inside all day as a child. Unfortunately, Randal’s favorite instrument was an orcish drum, and he was terrible at it. Randal’s ego and trollish behavior during performances also did not win him many friends. (Randal’s starting Charisma was 5)

While traveling, Randal and his troupe were surprised by a group of orcs. Randal evaded the battle, but when he returned, he found his entire troupe had died except one halfling named Callie Silvereyes. Callie returned to Waterdeep telling everyone of Randal’s cowardice, and she ruined his reputation with all the bard troupes. The uproar sent Randal fleeing (again), and he left Waterdeep in search of a new life. Once he was alone in the wilderness, he found that he was good at surviving in the wild. Nature seemed to clear his mind and calm him.

Then one night, Mykiel appeared in his dreams again. He told Randal of an old bow that would help him regain his status. Randal no longer cared about his previous situation, but he always trusted Mykiel’s advice. Mykiel did not know who possessed the bow, but he knew its exact location.

When Randal arrived at the location, he found a small hermit’s hut. He walked up to the door that was barely attached and slightly knocked. There was no answer. After another attempt at knocking, Randal decided to find a place to sit just outside the clearing that contained the hut. The sun began to set when something hit his shoulder. Startled, he looked up to see a falcon perched above him. As the Falcon continued to relieve itself, Randal swiftly moved out of range. Then, he sat again and began watching the falcon. The falcon looks directly at him and says, “Do you like being shat on?” To which Randal simply replied no. “Then why are you not attacking me?
Moreover, why are you quietly sitting here instead of entering the hut?”, The falcon said. Randal intoned his best operatic voice to troll, saying, “Master Owl, I would never think to break a law of nature or man!” The Falcon, without missing a beat said, “Is that true or just part of your act?” Randal respectfully lowered his head and said, “Falcon Spirit, I feel it in my bones.”

Now began a time of training to become a druid. While training, neither the falcon nor Randal mentioned the reason why he was there. With the initial training completed, the falcon presented the bow to Randal. The bow is exquisitely crafted from the finest materials and glows with a pale radiance in the moonlight, shedding dim light in a 5-foot radius. All of the metal components of the bow are mithril. The bow has the Gleaming property (it never gets dirty). The Fey call it Craennfaeyth. Accompanying the bow is a quiver with ten unbreakable arrows. With Randal’s new training and Craennfaeyth, he sets forth to join the Emerald Enclave.

Bymintaur - Homebrew Race

The Bymintaur was not a natural creature even by centaur standards.  He was a construct, the Sorcerer's most vile imagining personified.  His lower half looked like a muscled bull with the front and back legs being closer together than expected.  The brown hair was more shag than short. The top half was like a Minotaur, human torso with a bull's head. His skin was red and black as if he had burned in a fire.  And he had four huge arms. Not only was the Sorcerer's Mark on his right shoulder but it appeared over the center of his chest, in order to show how depraved this creature was.

This homebrew race is available on D&D Beyond here.