Thanos Blackhorn - Our Lord of the Forest, the Wanderer

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People rarely speak of Thanos Blackhorn except in quiet forest spaces. Woodlands that evoke wonder is where he reigns supreme, but he is said to keep watch over good folk in any forest, no matter how dark or cruel. When children lose their way in the woods, people beseech Thanos to protect them until located.

Thanos is the god of the forest and the creatures that live within it. He is seen as a remote and spiritual deity. He is not unmindful of people, but his attention and favor are difficult to attract. He is the patron of rangers and travelers.

Thanos' symbol is a field of stars.

He has many shrines. Most consist of a dead tree trunk with a carved likeness of his holy symbol, a field of stars. Alternatively, the likeness might be carved on a separate piece of wood and tacked to a living tree. These shrines typically mark the point in a forest beyond which locals know not to cut timber or hunt. Often these tributes are created by loggers at the end of a logging excursion as a mark of thanks to the god for providing the wood and for keeping the timber cutters safe during the work.

Thanos is Chaotic Good, and his domains are Nature/Trickery.

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