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Dragonbane was once a sentient dragon slayer named Dragonstar. It was discovered in ages past by a paladin named Landeer. While searching a dungeon, Landeer stumbled upon the lair of a white dragon named Verigwenon. Landeer was nearly killed but picked up the nearest weapon he could find in the hoard. With one last strike, Landeer slew the dragon with Dragonstar.

A few years later during a time of celebration, Orcus and his army of undead launched an attack against Landeer’s castle destroying it in a single day. During the battle between Landeer and Orcus, Dragonstar shattered into three pieces. Landeer's best friend, a gold dragon named Brethius was also mortally wounded in the attack.

Landeer took a quest to save Brethius by an enemy of Orcus known only as The Sorcerer. The Sorcerer knew of a spell to save Brethius. The components were the soul of a paladin and a crystal orb that belonged to the world’s most ancient blue wyrm. After locating the sphere, the casting of the spell took place. The spell caused Landeer to become marked with the symbol of chaos on his left arm, and he lost his status as a paladin. Once Landeer completed the quest, Bahamut was so impressed with his sacrifice for Brethius that he became Landeer’s new god. Landeer became a paladin again. Bahamut then repaired the broken Dragonstar into Dragonbane. Dragonbane still remembers being broken by Orcus and carries a special hatred for him to this day.

Dragonbane's purpose is to destroy all chromatic dragons and defeat any plot of Tiamat.
Dragonbane is a +3 longsword with all the properties of a dragonslayer, holy avenger, permanent arrow of chromatic dragon slaying, and vorpal sword. All damage abilities are stacked. Against Tiamat who is both a chromatic dragon and a fiend, this damage is quite impressive. Dragonbane has a dragon skull on the crossguard, and the hilt is twice as long. Also, an unknown white metal makes up the blade of the sword. Dragonbane speaks in a deep male voice but prefers to stay quiet most of the time. This changes once Dragonbane sees a dragon. Dragonbane will fully illuminate and begin swearing and taunting the dragon in Draconic. Surprising a dragon with Dragonbane is impossible.

Dragonbane has these statistics: Int 16 Wis 18 Cha 18. Lawful Good. Hearing and darkvision to 120 ft. Speaks Common and Draconic and communicates telepathically with its wielder. Once Dragonbane tastes dragon’s blood, there will be a conflict if the wielder decides to run or stop fighting before the dragon is dead. Dragonbane also prefers to be wielded with two hands.

Dragonbane is an artifact after being repaired by Bahamut. The first time the wielder attunes Dragonbane, the wielder must kill a dragon as if affected by the Geas spell. With the quest complete, the wielder is no longer affected by the spell. While attuned to Dragonbane the wielder cannot be charmed or frightened and has resistance against dragon breath weapons. Strength increases by +2 to a maximum of 24. Chromatic dragons are always hostile to the wielder.

Plunging Dragonbane into Bahamut's heart will destroy the sword.

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